We are the Pixxies

We are The Stardust Pixxies, an eclectic group of eccentric dancers. We move our bodies to the rhythm of the beat in many styles, and strive to give the audience a fun and exciting experience at every venue we perform.

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We Dance

With a wide range of dance styles ready to perform including traditional, contemporary, tribal and hip hop, we are here to bring our joy of dance to any event. From live music concerts to private parties and weddings, we can’t wait to dance for you.

We Fly

The aerial arts are a contemporary performance style with an acrobatics and circus origin, and we really do love flying through the air. From aerial silks to lyra and trapeze, we bring our special love of movement and performance to this unique art.

We Play with Fire

With a combination of Fire Staffs, Fans, Hoops, Palm Torches, Levitation Wands, and Fire Eaters we will light your party up and bring the spark to any event.

We Teach

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about dance or the circus arts, we love to share our knowledge with the community. Simply contact us below for available classes and rates.

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Party Like a Pixxie

Pixxie Parties are a fun way to bring the joy of imagination, dance and performance to any child’s party. Starting at  $120, the Pixxies will create a party you will never forget. From Pixxie houses to maypole dances and hoop dance instruction, Pixxie Parties are a sure hit for any child, young or old.

Maypole Party

$30/child – 2 hour party Includes flower crown, tutu, flower wand, and a Pixxie House kit for each party guest.

Hoop and Maypole Party

$60/child – 3 hour party Includes Maypole Party and a 45-minute hoop dance workshop.

Aerial Party

Need to fly? Let us bring our aerial entertainment and workshops to your next party. Pricing available upon request – see forms below.

Catch a Pixxie…

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If you prefer to send an email directly, just contact us at: info@stardustpixxies.com